PNY Lille
Interior design, visualization, site supervision
In collaboration with Rudy Guenaire

An Old Hollywood Backlot

With five distinct mezzanines, each portraying a different decor, the influence of the american diner, art deco and the disco are the main design influences in this project. The existing brickwork remains untouched, honoring Lilloise tradition.

39 Place Louise de Bettignies. Lille, France.

PNY Grenoble
Interior design, visualization, site supervision
Collaboration with Rudy Guenaire

Playing with concrete

Crafted with wood, metal, and concrete, this restaurant showcases the playful side of rigid materials, specially the latter.
Modules of 90 x 290cm dress the whole restaurant with variations in its back either with reflective surfaces, light boxes or wood shelves.

8 Place Grenette. Grenoble, France

PNY Lyon
Interior design, visualization, site supervision
In collaboration with Rudy Guenaire

The concept was to bring together the essence of Hollywood's glamour and optimism, harmoniously blended with the groovy aesthetics of the 1980s.

Every inch of this project is imbued with deep, dark, and shiny surfaces. In contrast, three massive ultrafragola mirrors illuminate the space with their ethereal radiance.

Venturing into the mezzanine is akin to stepping into the  mind of Ettore Sottsass himself. Here, the rules of conventionality no longer apply, and straight lines are replaced with curves and whimsical forms. The color palette dances playfully, as if liberated from its mundane boundaries, allowing it to express freely and unapologetically.

2 Rue Ferrandiere. Lyon, France.

ARKOSE Pont de Sèvres - Restaurant
Interior design & visualization

Design and visualization of the main restaurant area for Atelier du Pont.  

At the heart of the project is the notion of camping mixed with the raw beauty of industrial aesthetics of the existing concrete of the walls.

177 All. du Forum. Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

Hostaria Urbana
Interior design & visualization 
In collaboration with Ducio Cardelli

The primary goal for this project was to transform a mundane and dated restaurant space into an inviting, and budget-friendly dining destination. We aimed to create an atmosphere that not only entices customers to dine but also leaves a lasting impression through the incorporation of greenery and a chilled ambiance.

9 Rue Antoine Vollon. Paris, France.